Bathroom Upgrades Assist Avoid Slipping In Shower

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Slip-and-fall mishaps can occur when you expect them the least, but one place that you know you are at increased risks is in shower. Wet tiles and tubs can mean you are one wrong move far only from a fall which could cause serious injuries.
If you are worried about the chances of slip and fall in shower, you do not need to remodel whole bathroom — although that’s one solution. Check these safety and security enhancements, from simple and cheap to full-scale upgrades.
Go to Mat
For most of the bathtubs, the simplest and cheapest solution to avoid any slip-and-fall mishaps is to utilize a textured mat intended for this aim. Just ensure to measure the tub first to check that mat you select will fit, and search for model with suction cup on bottom to keep that in place.
If full shower mat looks too much, you also can buy smaller clings which stick to bottom of tub and offer a little traction. So, spacing these out appropriately will assist you to avoid treacherous fall without covering the whole floor of tub.
Have a Seat
Though impractical for bathtub, spacious shower stalls may be made much safer with additions of water-resistant stool or chair. Having the alternative to sit is particularly helpful for the ones with mobility problems or injuries. Even cheap plastic chair will do trick nicely.
In case you’ve space and you think a seat will make a nice addition permanently, consider speaking to a contractor regarding installing tile-covered bench at one corner of the shower.
Grab On
Any other fairly simple and cheap solution is installing one or even more grab bars inside the shower or tub area. Such stability bars are accessible in a range of sizes and shapes, so all the bathing areas could be accommodated with some off-the-shelf items. And if you are outfitting bathroom for somebody with mobility problems, grab bars also are helpful next to toilet to make standing and sitting simpler.
Finish Up
After many years of usage, a bathtub might require professional refinishing to quickly restore its own original luster. In case the tub has reached to this point, or you are looking for effect of any bathtub mat without bulk, look in refinishing your tubs with textured agent. Contractors may include sand additive in nearly any bathtub finish in order to give you some grip across the whole surface while leaving your tub enough smooth for comfortable bath.
From Ground Up
Any among such light-duty solutions can make your shower or tub safer, however, if you are open to great remodeling, you could factor slipping-and-falling safety in your plans.
Whenever renovating shower stall, choose new floor tile with traction in your mind. Porcelain tiles tends to be smooth and slippery, but textured or vinyl tiles will assist you get a good grip when the things get wet. In addition, you also can look in zero-entry shower designs to eliminate all obstructions over that you may trip getting in as well as out of shower.
If you’ve a bathtub, then you can consider removing it completely and converting into a shower stall always, which can minimize or eliminate the needs to step over edge or just stand on only one foot. You also could switch to walk-in bathtub, an excellent solution for the bath lovers that have challenges or disabilities with stability.

Stay Secure with the Professionals

Need assistance with any of such improvements or other methods to make the bathroom safer? Reach Plumber Peoria for help where and when you require it.


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