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How To Save On Electricity Bills?


Electricity bills take a big chunk from your monthly budget. This is a vital expenditure which you can’t avoid. But, this basic outlay can definitely be reduced to a certain limit. You can definitely save on your electricity bills and it’s for sure. If, shortening of hot showers, switching off electrical appliances while not in use and other such tips are coming to your mind then think again. These proposals will only bring a minor difference in your electricity bill. To get this amount further down at a noticeable level, plan to rewire your old house. Know more about it step by step:

Step 1. Now, how to know when to rewire your house? You can hire Electrician Peoria to solve this riddle for you. They will inspect your house entirely and let you know if your house needs it or not. Basically, if your place is older than 10 years, there are higher chances that you will need to get it done. Regular maintenance services can let you know that replacement of electrical panel will do or you need whole rewiring done. Sometimes, even control panel restoring or replacement can help a lot to increase the electric efficiency of your house.

Step 2. Old houses which were built 40 years ago or more, definitely needs entire rewiring. They have deteriorated wiring status for sure. These wires cause energy loss and increase your electricity bills. If, you are considering to sell your old place, the inspection won’t get clearance with such unreliable wires. To get the inspection right you need to rewire at any cost. Old houses contain rubber wires. They get damaged with time and other reasons. If, you pass this work for more years, you are taking a huge risk on your life with your family members. Being safe is crucial then just money savings.

Electrician Peoria

Step 3. Bring down the utility bills of your house by installing modern updated wires. New wiring will support all your advanced electrical appliances. You can get a fully automated house with fresh wiring. The brand new quality wires will have high performance levels. Ask your electrician to install non-metallic wires for their amazing abilities. Future automation will be easier and less costly this way. Perfected cable glands are to be used during rewiring. They are light weight and squat rewiring expenses. Mechanical performance state of these cord grips is very high. Make your house a lot more beautiful with the help of an electrician during rewiring.

Step 4. Rewiring will help you increase the electric load. You can use multiple appliances at once without tripping. Outdated old wiring has a overload danger always. This will give you several troubles and put your property at risk. An overload doesn’t just limit to a circuit break. It can lead to a disastrous fire as well. Save your property and family from this grieve risk by rewiring. There have been cases where wiring as old as just 10 years caused fire. If, your wiring is in this zone get it maintained immediately. This way you can save on whole wire renewals.

Step 5. Apart from increasing your utility bills, old wiring will give you low performance as well. Your expensive electrical appliances are at a risk too. During a wiring fault, appliances can be damaged. Secondly, regular tripping will be a constant headache for you and others staying in your house. A licensed electrician can do your rewiring in a smart budget. Only get secure guaranteed wires for your house. They will last longer and get full warranty of security. Get rewiring done even without damaging your property by using fish tapes. Various other methods are also available in the market. They will bring your costs down without any compromises

How To Be Prepared For A Power Outage


Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can arrive anytime. So we should make the necessary adjustments before the time of power outages. Sudden power outages are frustrating and troublesome. If the power outage is for less than two hours you should not worry much but if the outage is due to some environmental factor, you should know that it is going to last for the longer duration. There are ways to minimize the loss during the power outages. Let’s see how we can prepare ourselves for the power outages:

  • Install an emergency generator- Emergency generators are very helpful at the time of power outage. There are generally two types of generators – one is a portable one and another one is a standby generator. Portable generators are usually gas powered and are enough to provide electricity to heat water, run pumps and ignite the kitchen appliances. It has a manual transfer switch.

A standby generator, on the other hand, has an automatic transfer switch. It is permanently installed in your home and power more appliances than a portable generator. It is important to keep it ready for a power outage. You should know how it functions. You should know how to turn it on and how to refuel it during the time of need. If you have no idea about it, you can call Electrician Peoria anytime to know about generators in detail.

Electrician Peoria

During the power outage when you are running the generator, be cautious while filling it with the oil as it is inflammable and can catch the fire if not handled properly. Even if there is no emergency, run your emergency generator once a month for a few minutes. This will keep the system working perfectly and you will come to know about the faults, if any, in advance. Before installing a generator always keep it in mind that they should not be installed in an enclosed space. They generate carbon monoxide which when inhaled can cause confusion, chest pain and death in severe cases.

  • Keep the supplies in advance- You never know when the power will be restored so it’s necessary that you keep sufficient food supplies with you. To prevent the food from spoiling keep one or more Styrofoam coolers. Keep the food surrounded by ice in the Styrofoam coolers. It will keep your food well preserved for a longer duration. You can check the temperature of the coolers with the help of a thermometer to ensure that they are cool enough to keep your food healthy. Keep it covered so that it doesn’t lose its coolness. Use perishable food items first and then consume the nonperishable items.
  • Be safe – Stay indoor during the power outage and avoid the unnecessary travel from the car because chances are high that the traffic lights will be out too and roads will be congested causing the road accidents.

Turn off all the electrical appliances and if possible plug them out because when the power is restored the high voltage can damage your electronic devices. Don’t forget to keep one light on so that you can know when the power is back.

Do not use a gas stove during the power outage as it can cause a fire. Ensure that the phone lines are working and you have the important numbers saved or written in the place where you can easily find them.

  • Keep a stock of batteries and solar powered radio – You will need batteries to light up the torch and also keep the radio on to get the necessary government announcement. Keep a few extra flashlights with you. If any member of your family needs special medicines, keep it well preserved in the refrigerator. ​

How To Make A Window Air Conditioner Unit Look— And Work — Better?


Many people who dwell in older houses and apartment buildings, muddle through summer humidity and heat with window ACs that not just restrict access to the natural light and obstruct views but also give a sound which makes you feel like you’re camping out on the airport tarmac. That noise isn’t surprising; the compressor of your window AC sits right in the window with bit more than some of the plastic and some metal encasing it. So, here are some ways to make the units look and work better and if necessary call AC Repair Peoria for assistance.

Installing your system

Wash the windows. Ensure that you clean the windows before installing an air-conditioning unit — once it is in, then there is no way of cleaning both sides of glass.

Level it off. You should install the unit so it’s level. If the system tips downward, it can keep condensation from properly draining out of the bottom or back.

Go clear. You can replace accordion-style insulation panel with clear plexiglass. You will be capable to reclaim nearly two feet of light in every window. You can purchase plexiglass sheets at the hardware stores. Simply measure the gaps, score the dimension on both the sides of plexiglass with glass cutter or dull side of box cutter and just snap off the pieces. Remove protective cover and then secure plexiglass pieces with a few screws to the bottom rail and window sash.

AC Repair Peoria

Fill gaps. Regardless of how efficient your AC is, cool air can leak out of the home if you do not have it sealed properly, and you’ll end up with a higher electricity bill. Make sure that you fill gaps between frame of lower sash and window and upper sash, along with all cracks around side panels. A number of products are there such as Heavy duty weatherstrip seal, all weather repair tapes and air conditioners insulating seals— that you could cut to size as well as use to seal the gaps. Filling the gaps can even cut down on noises; a gap between the AC unit’s frame and sash or between glass and frame can cause rattling or annoying vibrating sounds.

Maintaining your system

Clean the AC filters. Cleaning your air conditioner unit’s filters is simple to do but simple to forget to carry out as well. Try to clean them yourself every Sunday. Most of the people say that you can perform it in every 15 days, but you will find pollen, dirt and dust buildup, and that cannot be good for anybody. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions so as to open front of your system and remove its filter. Vacuum away the grime as much as possible and then rinse the filters in soapy, warm water. Once the filters are dry, put them back into the system. One tip here: Place a little red Sharpie dot on the topmost corner of your filter, so you will always know about which side of filter must face out.

Help to keep it cool. This may seem quite obvious, but keep the curtains drawn, the shades down and the windows closed during the hot summer months so that cool air remains in and hot air remains out.

Clean your coils. Your air conditioner unit coils are just what move hot air outside and cool air inside, and they, attract dust and dirt as well. Utilize an old toothbrush so as to gently clear as much of dirt as possible. Then utilize an old cloth which is dipped in warm and soapy water to quickly remove excess dirt. Ensure you let all the parts dry fully before you turn on the unit.

Bathroom Upgrades Assist Avoid Slipping In Shower


Slip-and-fall mishaps can occur when you expect them the least, but one place that you know you are at increased risks is in shower. Wet tiles and tubs can mean you are one wrong move far only from a fall which could cause serious injuries.

If you are worried about the chances of slip and fall in shower, you do not need to remodel whole bathroom -- although that’s one solution. Check these safety and security enhancements, from simple and cheap to full-scale upgrades.

Go to Mat

For most of the bathtubs, the simplest and cheapest solution to avoid any slip-and-fall mishaps is to utilize a textured mat intended for this aim. Just ensure to measure the tub first to check that mat you select will fit, and search for model with suction cup on bottom to keep that in place.

If full shower mat looks too much, you also can buy smaller clings which stick to bottom of tub and offer a little traction. So, spacing these out appropriately will assist you avoid treacherous fall without covering the whole floor of tub.

Have a Seat

Though impractical for bathtub, spacious shower stalls may be made much safer with additions of water-resistant stool or chair. Having the alternative to sit is particularly helpful for the ones with mobility problems or injuries. Even cheap plastic chair will do trick nicely.

In case you’ve the space and you think a seat will make a nice addition permanently, consider speaking to a contractor regarding installing tile-covered bench at one corner of the shower.

Grab On

Any other fairly simple and cheap solution is installing one or even more grab bars inside the shower or tub area. Such stability bars are accessible in a range of sizes and shapes, so all the bathing areas could be accommodated with some off-the-shelf items. And if you are outfitting bathroom for somebody with mobility problems, grab bars also are helpful next to toilet to make standing and sitting simpler.

Plumber Peoria

Finish Up

After many years of usage, a bathtub might require professional refinishing to quickly restore its own original luster. In case the tub has reached to this point, or you are looking for effect of any bathtub mat without bulk, look in refinishing your tubs with textured agent. Contractors may include sand additive in nearly any bathtub finish in order to give you some grip across the whole surface while leaving your tub enough smooth for comfortable bath.

From Ground Up

Any among such light-duty solutions can make your shower or tub safer, however, if you are open to great remodeling, you could factor slipping-and-falling safety in your plans.

Whenever renovating shower stall, choose new floor tile with traction in your mind. Porcelain tiles tends to be smooth and slippery, but textured or vinyl tiles will assist you get a good grip when the things get wet. In addition, you also can look in zero-entry shower designs to eliminate all obstructions over that you may trip getting in as well as out of shower.

If you’ve a bathtub, then you can consider removing it completely and converting into a shower stall always, which can minimize or eliminate the needs to step over edge or just stand on only one foot. You also could switch to walk-in bathtub, an excellent solution for the bath lovers that have challenges or disabilities with stability.

Stay Secure with the Professionals

Need assistance with any of such improvements or other methods to make the bathroom safer? Reach Plumber Peoria for help where and when you require it.

Checklist For Plumbing Maintenance


Plumbing maintenance is important thing in case you wish to reside in your house without worrying over problems like pipe leaks and drain clogs. The last thing that you wish to face this season is an issue that will avoid you from utilizing your most important plumbing fixtures. That can mean no showers, sinks, and toilets —appliances you count on many times a day. Even worse, because of ongoing leakage, you might find yourself spending much more money on the energy bills because of bad fixture efficiency.

In addition to the plumbing maintenance, you also can conduct your house inspection. The very next time you believe that your plumbing system requires some work, take a note of these points of inspection:

Checking for The Water Heater Leakage: When you consider 25 percent of your own energy consumption goes towards heating water, a leakage can be very disastrous for overall levels of efficiency inside your house. Not just will you not possess enough hot water, however the water heater will also consume much more energy in generating hot water. In case you see puddling forming around water heater, it’s time to call an expert for leak repairs.

Inspecting Plumbing Fixture for Damages: Water heaters are not the only fixture that you require to inspect for leakage. You also should watch out for showers, sinks, and toilets. Signs of a leakage include: drips on floor, moisture buildup, and damp walls. Fixtures must be inspected also for any noteworthy physical damage such as dents, corrosion and cracks. This damage might start to affect with its own performance and might indicate time for replacement tends to be soon.

Checking Pipes Insulation: One plumbing issue you want to absolutely avoid is burst or frozen pipes, which will become more threatening more we more into colder months. Installing the foam pipes insulation along route of pipes can lower the possibility a lot. If you have pipe insulation already, it does not hurt certainly to add any other layer. Also ensure to check the pipes for all visible damages. ​

Plumber Peoria

Looking for Slow Drainage: Now you should seek drains cleaning instantly if important fixtures like sinks and toilets are draining very slowly, as it’s a sign you should get rid of clog instantly. Though a plunger also will be capable to fix any small clogs, you should consider expert drain cleaning services definitely from a Plumber Peoria that can offer more efficient ways of cleaning.

Checking for Faucet Leakage: A faucet dripping at just one drip/second may lead to over 3,000 gallons per year. That’s, certainly, if you do not check out for leaks. There actually are many reasons why the faucet might be leaking. It might have something to perform with its washer wearing out or its seals are actually broken. This will let for water so as to seep out from faucet even though it is not running currently. The next time that you hear dripping, contact a plumber for repairs instantly.

Consider Water Treatment System: You should consider installing water filtration and softening systems to keep the water supply clean. The fact is, water treatment is vital in keeping the family healthy and avoiding damages to any plumbing fixture. Water softening system will reduce hard water well known for having high amounts of magnesium and calcium, which can lead to fixture damage and skin irritation. Filtration will eliminate all hazardous bacteria and chemicals from your water thus consumption does not result in severe illness for anybody in your household.

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