How to be prepared for a power outage

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Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can arrive anytime. So we should make the necessary adjustments before the time of power outages. Sudden power outages are frustrating and troublesome. If the power outage is for less than two hours you should not worry much but if the outage is due to some environmental factor, you should know that it is going to last for the longer duration. There are ways to minimize the loss during the power outages.

Let’s see how we can prepare ourselves for the power outages:

  • Install an emergency generator – Emergency generators are very helpful at the time of power outage. There are generally two types of generators – one is a portable one and another one is a standby generator. Portable generators are usually gas powered and are enough to provide electricity to heat water, run pumps and ignite the kitchen appliances. It has a manual transfer switch.

A standby generator, on the other hand, has an automatic transfer switch. It is permanently installed in your home and power more appliances than a portable generator. It is important to keep it ready for a power outage. You should know how it functions. You should know how to turn it on and how to refuel it during the time of need. If you have no idea about it, you can call Electrician Peoria anytime to know about generators in detail.
During the power outage when you are running the generator, be cautious while filling it with the oil as it is inflammable and can catch the fire if not handled properly. Even if there is no emergency, run your emergency generator once a month for a few minutes. This will keep the system working perfectly and you will come to know about the faults, if any, in advance. Before installing a generator always keep it in mind that they should not be installed in an enclosed space. They generate carbon monoxide which when inhaled can cause confusion, chest pain and death in severe cases.

  • Keep the supplies in advance – You never know when the power will be restored so it’s necessary that you keep sufficient food supplies with you. To prevent the food from spoiling keep one or more Styrofoam coolers. Keep the food surrounded by ice in the Styrofoam coolers. It will keep your food well preserved for a longer duration. You can check the temperature of the coolers with the help of a thermometer to ensure that they are cool enough to keep your food healthy. Keep it covered so that it doesn’t lose its coolness. Use perishable food items first and then consume the nonperishable items.
  • Be safe – Stay indoor during the power outage and avoid the unnecessary travel from the car because chances are high that the traffic lights will be out too and roads will be congested causing the road accidents.

Turn off all the electrical appliances and if possible plug them out because when the power is restored the high voltage can damage your electronic devices. Don’t forget to keep one light on so that you can know when the power is back.
Do not use a gas stove during the power outage as it can cause a fire. Ensure that the phone lines are working and you have the important numbers saved or written in the place where you can easily find them.

  • Keep a stock of batteries and solar powered radio – You will need batteries to light up the torch and also keep the radio on to get the necessary government announcement. Keep a few extra flashlights with you. If any member of your family needs special medicines, keep it well preserved in the refrigerator.


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